The importance of a regulatory framework

Regulating bodies covering online gaming vary in each jurisdiction.

In some jurisdictions, the regulators have been established as separate statutory entities which conduct the duties of a regulatory body and other state duties like policy advisor and regulation formulation.The regulatory framework created for regulators takes into consideration the circumstance of the regulator and its other functions but focuses on the regulatory functions performed by this body.

Why is a regulatory framework necessary?

The importance of a regulatory framework

Regulation from a legal standpoint

No matter which sector you are looking at, whether it is medical, financial or the gaming industry, companies operating within a defined and regulated Framework have a clear understanding of the legal regulations they must abide by. Companies operating according to a Regulatory Framework are aware of the legal framework of their activities and that if they operate according to the laws of that framework they don’t have to worry about sanctions from the authorities.
If a company holds a legal license and is operating according to clear regulations there is less risk of legal complications or sanctions. For example, as long as a bank is operating under a banking license and is operating according to the regulations, like KYC, then there is less risk that the bank will face criminal charges for money laundering.

Regulation reduces costs in the long term

GBO — is your single source for global corporate services provider

Harmonization and effective implementation of the regulatory framework(infrastructure and facilitation related);

Гармонизация и эффективное применение регулятивной основы( аспекты инфраструктуры и облегчение перевозок);

К формированию регулятивной базы для разработки полиметаллических конкреций в Районе.

Этого удается добиться за счет строгой регулятивной базы и полной прозрачности работы.

Urban regulation: regulatory framework of urban planning activities in the conditions of the real estate market.Градорегулирование: Основы регулирования градостроительной деятельности в условиях становления рынка недвижимости.

Issues related to agricultural policies and trade within the regulatory framework established by WTO;

В Законе излагается правовая база для создания и работы технических школ.

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A regulatory framework is a model people can use for reforming and enacting regulations in an effective and logical way. Policymakers may develop a framework with a specific area of interest, such as improving certification for health care providers, in mind, or could use an existing model to work on a regulatory project. Many governments rely on such frameworks for handling regulatory matters and developing flexible and useful networks of regulations, laws, and rules.

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When people develop a regulatory framework, they start by defining the end goal. People can have a conversation about what they want to do and what kinds of accomplishments they can use to measure progress. For example, government regulators might meet to discuss a way to limit consumption of alcohol by minors. Their goal would be to cut down on underage drinking, and they could use measures like self-reported surveys to find out how many minors are able to access alcohol, and how many are drinking.

Having a clear end goal allows people to identify ways to reach it. They can develop a list of potential obstacles and discuss methods for circumventing them, and also start to create a time line for achieving goals in the regulatory process. As they create a regulatory framework for achieving a goal, they can explore various ways to assist with achieving the desired outcome. With each regulation, people must also consider individual issues, like whether the regulation will be legal, who will enforce it, how they will do so, and how regulators will monitor progress in terms of implementation and enforcement.

The regulatory framework can be large and extremely complex. For something like overhauling financial regulations to address clear shortcomings in an existing system, the work of creating a framework can take months and includes input from a variety of sources. In addition to people in the government, it is common to consult people in an industry, as well as agents who will be on the ground enforcing any regulations the government passes. Public comment may also be an important component, allowing people to express wishes and concerns so the government can think about how to meet their needs.

A good regulatory framework is flexible. As new information arrives, people can integrate it without upsetting the plan or pattern, and people can also spot and fix holes as they go along. Input from people at many levels can help maintain flexibility and identify potential problems so people can avoid them rather than taking a reactive stance and trying to fix issues after the fact.

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Regulatory frameworks, policy measures and initiatives to control HFCs

Нормативные рамки, политические меры и инициативы в области регулирования ГФУ

Effective market surveillance, therefore, is an essential part of the implementation of modern regulatory frameworks.

Эффективный надзор за рынком, таким образом, является важной составляющей мероприятий по созданию современных систем регулирования.

We talked about cooperation in crisis management and about the reinforcement of the regulatory framework of our cooperation.

Говорили о сотрудничестве в урегулировании кризисов, об укреплении нормативной базы нашего взаимодействия.

The importance of taking the local context into consideration in the design of new regulatory frameworks was emphasized.

Была подчеркнута важность учета местных условий при разработке новых нормативных рамок.

Lack of legal and regulatory framework for bilateral or multilateral cooperation is frequently in some casesa bottleneck

Часто проблемой является и отсутствие достаточной правовой и нормативной базы для двустороннего и многостороннего сотрудничества

Systematically requesting information on national mechanisms and regulatory frameworks for the implementation of concluding observations.

систематический запрос информации о национальных механизмах и нормативной базе для выполнения заключительных замечаний;

(c) Legal and regulatory framework that offers clarity, simplicity and predictability in legal processes;

c) нормативно-правовая основа, обеспечивающая ясность, простоту и предсказуемость юридических процессов;

Cooperation at the subregional and regional levels was also an essential part of the policy and regulatory frameworks.

В качестве важного элемента политики и нормативно-правовой деятельности называлось также сотрудничество на субрегиональном и региональном уровнях.

Only South Africa has conducted a review of its regulatory framework for non-profit organizations.

Лишь в Южной Африке был произведен обзор нормативной базы по регулированию деятельности некоммерческих организаций.

At country level, for example, unique regulatory frameworks have to be taken into account

Например, на страновом уровне необходимо учитывать особые нормативные рамки

To harmonise the technical regulatory frameworks of African countries

согласование технических стандартов африканских стран

Few developing countries have an effective regulatory framework or the infrastructure to monitor waste properly.

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Лишь несколько развивающихся стран имеют эффективную регулирующую основу или инфраструктуру для надлежащего мониторинга отходов.

Some activities relating to the updating of the regulatory framework had, however, been delayed.

При этом наблюдались задержки с осуществлением некоторых мероприятий, связанных с обновлением нормативно-правовой базы.

rade and development aspects of professional services and regulatory frameworks

Аспекты профессиональных услуг, связанные с торговлей и развитием, и регулирующая рамочная основа

Some States also reported on their legal and regulatory frameworks for combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

Некоторые государства сообщили также о наличии у них регламентационно-правовых рамок для борьбы с незаконным, несообщаемым и нерегулируемым промыслом.

Adoption of national regulatory frameworks (guidelines 9 + 12)

Принятие национальных нормативно-правовых рамок (руководящие принципы 9 + 12)

Some groups made progress in the development of a regulatory framework for macroeconomic policy coordination

В некоторых группах стран был достигнут прогресс в создании регламентирующих механизмов по координации макроэкономической политики

6.1 Legal and regulatory framework and its implementation

6.1. Нормативно-правовая база и ее реализация

· Strengthening of the regulatory framework and national capacity to manage the environment;

· укрепление нормативно-правовой базы и национального потенциала в области охраны окружающей среды;

It is impractical to devise a regulatory framework that accounts for every specific financial instrument and institution.

Довольно непрактично изобретать регулирующую структуру, которая будет объяснять каждый определенный финансовый инструмент и институт.

There was also growing awareness of the need for a regulatory framework to control migration.

Прослеживается также все большее осознание необходимости в разработке нормативно-правовой основы для регулирования миграции.

A substantial number of bodies with different regulatory power and functions make up the regulatory framework in Jamaica

Нормативно-правовая база Ямайки включает значительное число органов с различными регулирующими полномочиями и функциями

The harmonization of standards and regulatory frameworks is another instance of trade facilitation where UNECE contributes

Согласование стандартов и нормативных рамок является еще одной сферой упрощения процедур торговли, в которой ЕЭК ООН вносит свой вклад

Legislative and Regulatory Framework on PPPs

Законодательная и нормативная база ГЧП

Other priorities within this sector include strengthening of the legal and regulatory framework and democracy development

К числу других приоритетов в рамках этого сектора относятся укрепление правовой и регламентирующей основы и развитие демократии

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